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The Bode Bench Type Positioner consists of a 300mm diameter table which is supported by taper roller bearings. The table can rotate in a forward or reverse direction through 360 degrees and tilt through 360 degrees. Two capacites are with in the range, 25kg (1HV) and 50kg (1VH)

Rotation is achieved via AC motor, controlled via an inverter. Standard machines have controls to the front of the machine consisting of forward/stop/reverse switch, and speed potentiometer. Rotation can also be controlled via an on/off or latch type footpedal as an option. Tilting of the table is achieved via a handwheel.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES : Earthing brush attached to the underside of the table which collects the current from the table and transfers this current away from the workpiece.

A table mounted gripper holds workpieces ranging from 20 mm to 300 mm. A footswitch for control of table rotation.

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