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Bode Self Aligning Rotators (SAR) provide a practical platform for all cylindrical vessel rotating problems. They are manufactured in capacities from 1 tonne to 1000 tonnes and comprise of one drive section and one idler section. Their patented and unique designs allow the roller to automatically align themselves to any work piece, without any form of manual adjustment and irrespective of irregularity in the shape of the circular workpiece. This not only saves time but ensures that the item being worked on remains central to the rotator frames and eliminates any need for welding head adjustment.

The drive section is equipped with the latest inverter technology, driving AC motors giving an accurate variable speed drive to both wheels. Rotation is controlled via a hand held pendant with forward/stop/reverse and speed potentiometer.

Bode Traversing Self Aligning Rotators (T/SAR)
The traversing self aligning rotator range are all bogie-mounted to carry vessels of various lengths, and to allow for traversing, in addition to rotation. The low loading bogie design is integral to the construction of the rotator. Their closeness to the ground eliminates the risk of excess vessel loading heights. As is to be expected of Bode machinery, all traversing rotators are built to the highest standards with quality materials and components.

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